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Nevada Gets High!

Now there’s a new reason to visit Las Vegas, legal cannabis! As of July 1, 2017, visitors to Nevada from all over the world can now enjoy recreational marijuana along with residents of the state. The first cannabis dispensary to open on the Las Vegas strip saw long lines waiting when the doors opened today. Continue reading

Farmers Turning Vineyards into Cannabis Grows

In Oregon and California, farmers growing grapes are starting to grow cannabis as well.  Since they have similar growing requirements, similar seasons, require irrigation and land that is ready to grow, the transition isn’t that hard.

Oregon has already legalized marijuana sales and consumption, and Californians will enjoy legalization of recreational cannabis next year.  So many farmers are planning ahead to get a jump on the latest trend in agriculture.

Farmers will have to compete with indoor grows and many will opt for more secure grow ops in greenhouses. Success will depend upon how the marketplace develops. … Continue reading

Cannabis Revitalizes Brain in Older Mice

A new scientific study on the effects of cannabis on mice of varying ages showed that mature and older mice exhibited vastly improved memory and cognitive abilities when given a daily dose of cannabis extract.  The change was so drastic, the older mice performed as well as drug-free young mice in memory tests.

Unexpectedly, younger mice who were given the same dose, performed worse on the same tests than the older mice who were given cannabis.

“These results reveal a profound, long-lasting improvement of cognitive performance resulting from a low dose of THC treatment in mature and old animals,” the scientists write. The boost in brain function was linked to an apparent restoration of gene expression in the brain to more youthful levels.

Continue reading

Cannabis Unites Left and Right

It seems marijuana can unite us after all!

A May Day protest in Seattle had a different flavor when anti-Trump/anti-fascist protesters lit up a few joints with Trump supporters and for a brief moment cannabis helped them transcended their political differences.

As Bob Marley once said, “Herb is the healing of a nation”, so perhaps it’s time we focus on what we have in common, rather than letting “them” divide and control us.

California: First Cannabis Sanctuary State?

Will California become the first Cannabis Sanctuary State?

California Assembly Bill 1578 will do just that.  Similar to Immigration Sanctuary cities like San Francisco and New York, which have passed legislation protecting immigrants from Federal agents seeking to round up and deport illegal aliens, this bill would do the same for marijuana growers and consumers.

In California, a marijuana grower can be perfectly legal, yet local police, with Federal aid, can still come and destroy a crop, confiscate all cannabis found, arrest and convict the grower.  Same is true of the hundreds of medical (and soon recreational) dispensaries… Continue reading

  • Colorado doctors claim first marijuana overdose death
    Man this makes me angry... http://www.9news.com/news/health/colorado-doctors-claim-first-marijuana-overdose-death/491760125
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  • Sessions: Obama Marijuana Policy Remains In Effect.
    * NOV 14, 2017 Sessions: Obama Marijuana Policy Remains In Effect. Obama-era guidance that allows states to legalize marijuana without federal interference remains in effect, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Tuesday during a congressional hearing. He also conceded that cannabis...
  • Epileptic girl sues Sessions to legalize medical marijuana nationwide
    12 old girl suffering from epilepsy is suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions in order to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes on a federal level. A motion by the US government to dismiss her case has been denied. Alexis Bortell, 12, was joined by four other plaintiffs in her lawsuit, filed in...
  • Israel launches plan to become the world's third biggest exporter of medicinal cannab
    *Israel launches plan to become the world's third biggest exporter of medicinal cannabis - enough to supply the ENTIRE US and earn $1.1bn a year* *The global market is set to reach $33 billion in the next seven years* *Breath of Life Pharma (BOL) has built a one-million-square-foot facility* *It...
  • Israel plans to become the world's 3rd biggest cannabis exporter.
    *Israel launches plan to become the world's third biggest exporter of medicinal cannabis - enough to supply the ENTIRE US and earn $1.1bn a year The global market is set to reach $33 billion in the next seven years Breath of Life Pharma (BOL) has built a one-million-square-foot facility It...
  • With Phil Murphy's win, it's 'full steam ahead' for legal marijuana
    TRENTON -- Democrat Phil Murphy (https://www.murphy4nj.com/)'s victory in the governor's race (http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2017/11/murphy_beats_guadagno_new_jersey_governor_election_race_polls.html) Tuesday night drives New Jersey "full-steam ahead" toward legalizing marijuana and...
  • Poland Legalizes Medical Marijuana
    Poland Legalizes Medical Marijuana Poland Legalizes Medical Marijuana For A Broad Range Of Conditions https://hightimes.com/news/poland-legalizes-medical-marijuana/
  • Sticker shock coming with California's new pot market
  • New Greenhouse Tek - Generate Electricity And Grow Under The Same Roof
    Excerpt ""We have demonstrated that 'smart greenhouses' can capture solar energy for electricity without reducing plant growth, which is pretty exciting," said Michael Loik, professor of environmental studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and lead author on a paper that appears in...