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Bong Appetit!

Over the years there have been so many cannabis cooking videos teaching us how to incorporate our favorite herb into many different edible treats. Now we have entered a new age of cannabis cuisine, with chefs incorporating many of the latest experimental cooking techniques in their cooking.

Everything from flash freezing to terpenoid extraction are used to infuse cannabis into delectible edibles. The series visits various cannabis businesses and shows how they prepare their special treats. Whether it’s ice cream, cocktails, pizza, or incredibly elaborate catered dinners, Bong Appetit gets down with the entrepreneurs and chefs who are at the cutting edge of the cannabis edible scene.

The show is full of great ideas for making edibles and inspiring for those looking to open a new cannabis business.

Here’s a sample segment from Bong Appetit.

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Study: Synthetic THC Kills Leukemia Cells


Tubingen, Germany: The administration of FDA-approved synthetic THC (dronabinol) induces death in leukemia cell lines and offers a “low-toxic therapy option” for patients with cancer, according to findings published online in the journal BMC Cancer.

German researchers evaluated the impact of dronabinol on leukemia cells. Investigators reported that synthetic THC displayed “remarkable anti-proliferative as well as pro-apoptopic efficacy … in a broad spectrum of acute leukemia cell lines.” These findings “provide a promising rationale for the clinical use of cannabinoids … in distinct entities of acute leukemia,” they concluded.

Preclinical data dating back over four decades has consistently documented the… Continue reading

California Marijuana Legalization Initiative On 2016 Ballot!


California Secretary of State Alex Padilla pleased at least 60% of the state this morning with the news that an initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use has qualified for the November 8th general election ballot.

Here is the official summary of the proposed legislation as it will appear in the ballot:

MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Legalizes marijuana and hemp under state law. Designates state agencies to license and regulate marijuana industry. Imposes state excise tax on retail sales of marijuana equal to 15% of sales price, and state cultivation taxes on marijuana of $9.25 per ounce of flowers and… Continue reading

Can Cannabis Cure Autism?


Can Cannabis Cure Autism? We Don’t Know, But It’s a Question Worth Asking

Cannabis is already helping children with autism

AutismOne, the world’s largest and most comprehensive autism conference, is delighted to announce a medical cannabis track for parents and professionals. The conference will be held May 25–29, 2016, at the Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel, Rosemont, IL.

Of tremendous interest is a scheduled presentation by Dr. Judy Mikovits titled “Can Cannabis Cure Autism? We Don’t Know, But It’s a Question Worth Asking.” Dr. Mikovits, whose long and distinguished career in immune dysfunction and retrovirology said, “Given the potential to mitigate human suffering and lost potential, not only is cannabis as a cure for autism a question worth asking, it is criminal not to do so.” Continue reading

Colombia Legalizes Medical Cannabis

colombia map copy

Today, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree legalizing medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana patients in Colombia can now obtain licenses allowing them to possess and grow cannabis.

This is a big step on the way to decriminalizing the use and production of cannabis for everyone.

Colombia has been at the forefront of the worldwide War on Drugs, pushed by the US, contributing to a decades long civil war in that country. Rebels and drug cartels have made hundreds of billions of dollars selling marijuana, cocaine and more recently heroin and meth. The War on Drugs has only increased their… Continue reading

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  • Contaminated Medical Marijuana Believed To Have Killed California Cancer Patient
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