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Spring Has Sprung Outdoor Grow Contest 2016

Image above by Sacramental from his 2015 Outdoor Garden.

Spring Has Sprung, the grass has risen. It is time for a new contest in honor of this first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Announcing the All-New 2016 Outdoor Grow Contest!

Like on the Bill Maher Show, there are NEW RULES, in addition to the old rules, which I have simplified and summarized below:

This contest is self-nominating. To enter, create a thread in the Outdoor Growing Forums and begin posting images and information about your grow. Continue reading

Photo Of The Month – January 2016

Cannagrapher ‘t99’ grew some amazing looking Sour Bubble, and here is a bud of it that won this month’s award for best photo on the International Cannagraphic. Visit the thread, poll and all the entry images with comments by clicking here.

The International Cannagraphic recognizes excellence in photography with monthly awards, all site members are allowed to vote for their favorite image. Long-time site supporter MyAssIsGrass has been managing this contest for more than a decade, truly a work of love :)

Below is a slide show of all the entrants for the month.


New Tax on Medical Marijuana in California to be 15%

Medical-marijuana-sign copy

In the news from California, State Senator Mike McGuire announced he wants to tax Medical Marijuana at a rate of 15%, adding further hardship to already over-charged and under-served patients.

We made a commitment last year as we were working through the huge undertaking of setting statewide regulations for medical marijuana that we would follow up on a statewide excise tax,” McGuire said. “This needed revenue will make our communities stronger by focusing on the impacts of cultivation and use of marijuana, including funding local law enforcement and neighborhood improvement programs, state parks, drug and alcohol treatment and environmental rehabilitation.… Continue reading

Storing Cannabis – Some Absorbing Ideas

9 Pounds of pot grown by a Cannagrapher.

9 Pounds of pot grown by a Cannagrapher.

Now that you grew all this, what are you going to do with it? Sometimes it is best to hang on to it for a better price, or a time when there is a shortage. Whatever, you best store it well so it stays fresh and smokeable over time.

What happens to cannabis as it gets older? The color changes to brown, the resins oxidate and lose their flavor and aroma, the potency of the high, or the desired medical effect is depleted.

Over time many methods were used to keep things… Continue reading

Flip Chip Opto introduces the first high powered horticulture Flip Chip COB

flipchipFlip Chip Opto releases a first-in-class 2400 watt high powered horticultural flip chip COB. The 2400 watt flip chip COB is part of their new Duet series geared towards the grow light industry. The Duet 2400 is based on the company’s 3-PAD Pillar Metal Core Printed Circuit Board technology. This technology allows a breakthrough in high powered horticultural flip chip LEDs, reducing junction temperatures to 0.003˚C/W on Duet 2400 at a maximum power of 2433 watts. Continue reading